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Dylan Star Shines Fashion Spotlight on the Santa Barbara Bowl

Santa Barbara, CA., July 1, 2019. For release July 15th.

Erica Brown, the owner of Dylan Star, a women's clothing boutique on State Street, is sharing her fashion tips for women in need of ideas of what to wear to the Santa Barbara Bowl this season. Erica has styled six looks with pieces from her boutique to pair with six diverse upcoming shows at the Santa Barbara Bowl; The Head and The Heart, Lionel Richie, The Avett Brothers, Maggie Rogers, Jimmy Buffet and Hozier. Each look was chosen by Erica with the Santa Barbara woman and the artists' style in mind. The purpose of this collaboration between Dylan Star and the Santa Barbara Bowl is to inspire women to enhance their evening by making their outfit part of the experience.


"Most women I know would agree, getting ready is half the fun of going out." says Erica, "When I see a show at the Bowl, friends will meet at my house to get ready. We'll put on the music of whoever we are going to see. It's not long before we're laughing and imagining all these fun scenarios like ‘Will the artist see me? Would they like my outfit?' Then we'll walk to the Bowl, and as we get closer and wind up through the trees, I get more and more excited. Finally, that rush of adrenaline when they kill the lights and the show starts. No matter how old you are, that 15-year-old fan comes out. It's so fun, and I love making our ensembles part of those memories."


In connection with this collaboration, Dylan Star has teamed up with The Wayfarer Hotel for a giveaway on Instagram that is running from today until Wednesday, July 17th, at midnight. One follower will win two tickets to The Head & The Heart, and a 1-night stay in a pool view room at The Wayfarer Hotel on the night of the show, July 23rd. Locals can enter via both Dylan Star and The Wayfarer Hotel's Instagram post today.


Below are the six looks to accompany six shows at the Santa Barbara Bowl, along with notes and styling tips from Erica Brown.


The Head and The Heart - Tuesday, July 23rd at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Seattle folk-rock band, The Head and The Heart have been bringing their woodsy, harmony-vocal inclined songs to audiences since 2009. Rolling Stone Magazine calls their newest album, Living Mirage, the band's sleekest and poppiest album, one that's unafraid of indulging in power chords, Eighties-style synthesizers, and shouted-out vocal hooks."


"In honor of the pop-direction of The Head and The Heart's newest album, we are elevating a typical ‘folk' look with this fresh and playful outfit. This linen jumpsuit is comfortable for sitting, standing and dancing. The cinch-waist ties flatter women with varied body types because they have control over where the waistline hits. I'm a fan of fringe right now, and so were many of the designers at 2019 Paris Fashion Week where fringe found its way onto several runways. This fringe cardigan gives the nod to the country-western era, but the jersey fabric is a light alternative to leather and will bring life to your outfit with every sway. Finally, we've topped the look with this ivory wool boater hat by Lack of Color. But, I can only endorse wearing it if you are in the seats and not blocking anyone's view! If you have a light-colored felt or wool hat, be sure to scotch guard it to avoid stains and store it in a hatbox because they are known to attract dust."


Lionel Richie - Tuesday, August 6th at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Throughout his musical career, Richie has sold over 90 million records worldwide, making him one of the world's bestselling artists of all time. The start of his career as a member of the Commodores led to the hits Brick house and Three Times a Lady, and during his solo career, he released the sentimental love songs, Hello, Stuck on You, and Endless Love.


"For their Lionel Richie outfit, I don't think anyone should be afraid to be a little extra with something like this fashion-forward 80s inspired look. This leopard kimono is a limited edition, handmade piece from L.A. and is an absolute head turner. The fabric is light and easily catches the wind for a dramatic effect. Kimonos are one of my favorite pieces because they are easy to throw on and instantly take an all-black outfit from mundane to mesmerizing. The flattering leggings are faux leather, by the brand Commando. They don't sag, sweat, fall down or rise up - perfect for dancing all night long. The shoes are leather mules by Dolce Vita. Mules are pain-free closed-toed heels - a great choice for the Bowl."


The Avett Brothers - Saturday, August 24th at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Scott and Seth Avett are lead singers and along with their four other bandmates, make up the six-piece Americana / Folk / Indie band, The Avett Brothers. Their songs range from hand-clapping and foot-stomping hits like Kick Drum Heart to heartbreaking acoustic songs like Murder in the City.


"The Avett Brothers play a fun and energetic live show that usually results in the entire audience erupting in chorus several times throughout the night. So, I wanted this outfit to be fun for a girl that appreciates The Avett Brothers and is not afraid to sing, clap and stomp along. This dress looks light, expensive and effortless thanks to the muslin fabric, but will keep you warm into the night with long sleeves and multiple layers that make up the skirt. The sequins and coin embellishments add a little sparkle without sacrificing the airy feel. Paired with slip-on leather slides and a cow-hide leather bag to stow away your lip gloss, cell phone, and reusable Santa Barbara Bowl cup."


Maggie Rogers - Tuesday, September 17th at the Santa Barbara Bowl

In 2016, Rogers was attending what she expected to be just another day at college, at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in New York. That day, Pharell was a surprise visitor, brought in to critique the students' work. Pharell listened to each of the students' songs and gave his feedback. When it came to Rogers song, (Alaska), Pharell listened and then shared, “I have zero, zero, zero notes for that. I’ve never heard anyone like you before, and I’ve never heard anyone that sounds like that.” The video went viral, and a record deal soon followed. She recently performed on SNL. The majority of her shows for the “Heard It In a Past Life” fall tour are sold out.


"I was so excited to choose an outfit that was feminine and simple yet special for the Maggie Rogers show. Let's start with the focal point - the skirt. The colors are fresh and dewy, the dash of gold threads add a dainty sparkle, and this length is so unassuming. When you have a piece as unique as this skirt, don't be afraid to pair it with a basic tee. That way, your outfit isn't competing with itself. Don't get caught up in matching your tee with the other colors perfectly - it just needs to be in the same family of colors but can be a shade darker or lighter. I love fringe earrings like these because they add to the look but are lightweight so you won't want to take them off halfway through the night."


Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reef Band - Wednesday, October 16th at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Buffett fans, affectionately called Parrotheads, are no doubt looking forward to a night enjoying Jimmy’s island influenced jams. Jimmy released his Famous Son of a Son of a Sailor LP in 1978 and sang the title track on Saturday Night Live that year. He has since gone on more than 40 tours around the world, and the celebration is continuing through 2019.


"I recently started carrying a line of beautiful leather jackets, and when this aqua colored variation arrived, I knew it was perfect to wear to the Jimmy Buffet show. All that's missing is the margarita. The jacket is over a white-collared shirt, which every woman should have as a closet staple. The versatility is endless; tucked into jeans for lunch, under a power suit for an important meeting, or tied up for a night out as shown here. These flare jeans are by Show Me Your Mumu. I have yet to see a body shape these jeans don't flatter. They give lean girls an hour-glass figure; they make petite girls look taller. They are fancy and have loads of personality. The elastic waistband holds you in but is unbelievably comfortable."


Hozier -  Thursday, October 24th at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Hozier is an Irish musician and singer-songwriter. His international breakthrough came after releasing his debut song "Take Me to Church," which became certified multi-platinum in several countries. This tour is in support of Hozier's latest album, Wasteland, Baby!


"I am so excited about this look; moody, dark, nostalgic, and beautiful all wrapped up into one outfit. Hands down, leather jackets are my favorite investment piece. I appreciate that along with everyone's leather jacket, there is often a story to go with it. Leather jackets get better in time as they soften and mold to your body. They end up getting little marks that give them character. Here in Santa Barbara, we can wear them year-round. We paired this one over a rust tee, the perfect color for Hozier's October show. This color works well if you have dark hair, and it will give a nice pop of color without losing the moody vibe we are after. Ripped charcoal skinny jeans and a black wool hat finish off the look. For her jewelry, I mixed both silver and gold pieces, and yes, you can wear both together! If I mix gold and silver, I try to stick to either all muted or all shiny pieces."



These looks are available at Dylan Star at 1719 State Street, open Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.


Look for tickets for all of this seasons’ Santa Barbara Bowl shows at or visit the box office at 1221 Milpas St. Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 6 pm. 


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