Santa Barbara is a land of duality:
Chaparral and Chardonnay,
Students and seniors,
Ocean and mountains.
Classic beauty and cutting edge.


But what if, when it comes to fashion, you could have it all?


DYLAN STAR is that unique combination of convenience and intentionality; of quality and affordability, and personal touch in an increasingly digital age.

In a world that tells us to go online, Dylan Star is on a mission to pay tribute to a time when shopping was FUN.

Where the woman behind the counter is as invested in the dreams in your heart as the clothes on your hips. Where every woman—regardless of her shoe size, her social status, her student debt—can feel good about who she is.



At Dylan Star, we believe in the EXPERIENCE of shopping. That there is no substitute for personal connection. That, at the end of the day, if you start with what you like… we can show you something you love. And that every day you wear it, you will be reminded of the star that you are.

Dream big. Shop small.

Welcome to Dylan Star.

Click below to meet the owner, Erica Brown… 

Erica Brown got her start in fashion by declaring to her grandfather: “Grandpa, I want to dress you, and I want to exercise together.” Decades later, she is still actively involved in both passions. On the heels of a successful career in photography and hairstyling, Erica is elated to open Dylan Star within the walls of her second home—Salon U—with the support of her community around her. She believes in taking a chance on what feels true, and is committed to striking the perfect balance between friend and fashion guru. She recently started wearing two-pieces; because life is short, and excuses small. Might as well jump off the high dive.  

Erica is a rare blend of devoted friend and truth-telling fashion guru. She is committed to seeing—and elevating—each client for the parts of themselves that long to emerge, and guiding them toward the clothing that will bring out their best selves. She believes in radical acceptance, and revolutionary playfulness. The only thing stronger than her sense of humor are her margaritas.

Dylan Star is the culmination of years of hard work and deep dreaming, and Erica is anxious to share her gift for picking out garments within the Santa Barbara community.

For more, follow her on Instagram: @dylanstar.sb and @ericabrown2