"Knotted" Pop Up by Andrea Strand


You're invited...

What: "Knotted" Pop Up by Andrea Strand

When: This Thursday, June 13th from 4-7pm

Where: Dylan Star, 1719 State Street

You are officially invited to shop my friend Andrea's handmade bohemian wall art pieces. 

Scroll down for a little Q&A from the designer herself... 


Q&A from Andrea Strand, owner & designer of Knotted...

What is Knotted?

Knotted is bohemian inspired wall decor. Each piece is hand made with local drift wood, hand made individual paper flowers or locally found sand dollars. They are meant to bring softness to any space. 

What inspired you to create Knotted?

Knotted was inspired by a personal accident and surgery. I was immobile and started making paper flowers. Then I could walk the beach and noticed all the drift wood and started putting pieces all together. I love them so much I have kept three for my own home. 

What is the process for making these pieces? 

Making each piece is not extremely difficult, but it is tedious. They take a long time. I find it meditative to create each individual piece. I often don’t know how each piece will look precisely until I am done. 

What is your favorite part of the process?

Hanging them up!  They look so beautiful over beds or centered over couches etc. I put a large one in my bathroom and just love it.

Where do you find inspiration to be creative?

I often get my ideas on walks, runs or bike rides. Inspiration is everywhere- you just have to be open to it. 


We hope to see you there!

This Thursday, June 13th from 4-7pm
Knotted Pop Up at Dylan Star!


Erica Brown