Do what you LOVE!

Guys, I have a story to tell….

Do you ever have a moment at work where you feel like, "Yes. THIS is what I am meant to do."

That moment hits me every time someone like you walks in to Dylan Star and tells me all of your worries, and hurdles, and frustrations with clothes ... and an hour later walks out, bags in hand (sometimes tears in your eyes) like a brand new girl ready to take on the world.

But that moment hit me harder than ever before last week.


Pictured here is Janice, a hair stylist at Salon U, and her client Diana.

This beautiful women has been suffering with some health challenges and just needed to take a day to forget her problems, be happy and feel good - what better way than having your hair done, amiright?

Her husband brought her in, and while she was busy and distracted, he came over to me at the store.

He said, "things have been hard lately, and I want to surprise my wife with some new clothes."

He picked out EVERY SINGLE PIECE from head to toe - shirt, pants, fur coat, scarf, earrings - the whole look. Then we wheeled her over to the store, cleared out the dressing room, and he dressed her in her new fabulous outfit. Now I'm crying, they're crying, Janice is crying...because this couple's love for each other is next level. And because I am so grateful to be a small part of this special moment, and to be reminded this is what I was born to do.

So I am sharing this story

1.) because its a great story and her husband deserves a gosh darn gold medal

2.) Because if you don't feel that way about what you do at work, let that fuel you to make a move. Life is fragile, and take it from me, your dreams are worth chasing.

xoxo, Erica

Erica Brown