Who runs the world? GIRLS!

There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate my fellow ladies that are reaching for the stars and chasing their dreams.

If you are a fellow business owner, I think you deserve a little something special from Dylan Star! Read on to see a little perk I am sharing for female business owners this Friday, March 8th, 2019…


Stronger together

It’s a beautiful thing when I get to witness women work hard, and in the process, build each other up and inspire one another to reach our goals and never give up!


Dream Big!

Ever since I decided to make my dream of owning my own business a reality, I’ve had the opportunity to cross paths with so many amazing women. Here are three things I LOVE about owning Dylan Star in beautiful Santa Barbara…


My favorite things about owning my own business?

  1. I am constantly learning - I love that everyday presents new challenges and I always feel like I am stretching my brain and doing things I’ve never done before! Every day is different and exciting!

  2. I get to DO what I LOVE for work - I used to shop for my friends dress them up, just because it was what I loved. I encouraged them to try new things and feel confident in what they wore. I loved helping them discover what clothes make them look their best. Now, thats literally what I get to do for a living. I’ve gotten to help SO many more women outside of my friend circle. 

  3. I get to watch my dreams come true - So much work went into making this store a reality but I never doubted my gut feeling. I just knew it would work and that I would create something that women really wanted. It’s  been so special for me to watch Dylan Star unfold and to hear YOU say the things I wanted for you all along…
    “This is so fun!”
    ”I would never pick this out for myself, but I love it!”
    ”Thank you, you have no idea how much I needed this.”


Cheers to US!

Come help me commemorate this Friday March 8th, with 20% percent off to all of you hard working girl boss’s out there! Let’s pop some champagne, shop around, and of course, HAVE FUN!

Erica Brown