Santa Barbara Bowl Fashion Tips

Getting dressed is half the fun!

We are sharing our fashion tips for women in need of ideas of what to wear to the Santa Barbara Bowl this season. We’ve styled six looks with pieces from Dylan Star to pair with six diverse upcoming shows at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Up next Avett Brothers and Maggies Rogers!

The Avett Brothers - Saturday, August 24th at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Scott and Seth Avett are lead singers and along with their four other bandmates, make up the six-piece Americana / Folk / Indie band, The Avett Brothers. Their songs range from hand-clapping and foot-stomping hits like Kick Drum Heart to heartbreaking acoustic songs like Murder in the City.


"The Avett Brothers play a fun and energetic live show that usually results in the entire audience erupting in chorus several times throughout the night. So, I wanted this outfit to be fun for a girl that appreciates The Avett Brothers and is not afraid to sing, clap and stomp along. This dress looks light, expensive and effortless thanks to the muslin fabric, but will keep you warm into the night with long sleeves and multiple layers that make up the skirt. The sequins and coin embellishments add a little sparkle without sacrificing the airy feel. Paired with slip-on leather slides and a cow-hide leather bag to stow away your lip gloss, cell phone, and reusable Santa Barbara Bowl cup."


 Maggie Rogers - Tuesday, September 17th at the Santa Barbara Bowl

In 2016, Rogers was attending what she expected to be just another day at college, at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in New York. That day, Pharell was a surprise visitor, brought in to critique the students' work. Pharell listened to each of the students' songs and gave his feedback. When it came to Rogers song, (Alaska), Pharell listened and then shared, “I have zero, zero, zero notes for that. I’ve never heard anyone like you before, and I’ve never heard anyone that sounds like that.” The video went viral, and a record deal soon followed. She recently performed on SNL. The majority of her shows for the “Heard It In a Past Life” fall tour are sold out.


"I was so excited to choose an outfit that was feminine and simple yet special for the Maggie Rogers show. Let's start with the focal point - the skirt. The colors are fresh and dewy, the dash of gold threads add a dainty sparkle, and this length is so unassuming. When you have a piece as unique as this skirt, don't be afraid to pair it with a basic tee. That way, your outfit isn't competing with itself. Don't get caught up in matching your tee with the other colors perfectly - it just needs to be in the same family of colors but can be a shade darker or lighter. I love fringe earrings like these because they add to the look but are lightweight so you won't want to take them off halfway through the night."


Look for tickets for all of this seasons’ Santa Barbara Bowl shows at or visit the box office at 1221 Milpas St. Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 6 pm. 

Photography by Brandon Brown

Erica Brown