Here's lookin' at YOU!

When I started telling people that I would be opening up at clothing store on state street, the looks and reactions I got were not all positive…I would be lying if I said I did not have my doubts and fears.

BUT, I’m so glad that I did not let my fears takeover! I felt the fear and did it anyway. I stuck with my gut and focused on the encouragement to GO FOR IT!

Who supported me? Well, YOU! 

  • the fashionable,

  • the hard working,

  • the Santa Barbara women that want to have FUN while they shop.

The gals that want to strike up conversations and get real feed back on what looks good and what doesn’t. I want my customers to know that when I say,“that looks fabulous on you,” I really mean it!


This week marks our 5 month anniversary and there is no sign of turning back now. I am humbled by the loyalty you all have given to Dylan Star. I couldn’t have done it without YOU! Here is why I opened a store in Santa Barbara…


So…. now I want to hear from YOU!

Here’s the deal…

Send me a short video, (easiest way is to send in my DMs on Instagram) of just ONE thing that you love about shopping at Dylan Star. We will post and tag our favorites next week and give you lovely shoppers a little thank you gift from us:)

I cannot wait to see what you all have to say! 


Erica Brown

Erica Brown