Denim at Dylan Star

Good jeans feel SO good. But shopping for a pair takes time, amiright?

I want to help you overcome the hurdle and help you shop for a new pair. I carry two lines, Flying Monkey & Just Black, in sizes 24-31, that I live by (and live in.)

Why do I love them?


Trendy: each pair has some fun little detail whether it’s flyaway buttons, frayed ankles, ripped knees. Just enough to make them special, but not over the top to where you’ll be sick of them next week.

Made in LA: Both companies are based, designed, and made just hours away in Los Angeles. Gotta love that.

Good Price: Nothing over $100. Some pairs as low as $50

Comfort: If people are saying their denim feels like yoga pants or pajama pants, you know they will feel comfy all day long on you!


Quality: These are not fast-fashion jeans. You don’t have to worry about them looking fabulous on day 1, and falling off your bee-hind on day 3. (For even longer use, see washing and care tips below.)

Variety: We have it all, dark, stonewash, black, white and even camo, olive and maroon in stock! (Plus jean shorts and skirts!)

Flattering: I have seen these jeans work on a variety of shapes and sizes. Curvy, slim, petite, tall and everything in between. Regardless of size and shape, the feedback is the same, “These jeans feel so good!”


I know buying jeans is a chore. So let’s make it fun.

If you come in tomorrow (Thursday) to shop for denim, I’ll pour you a glass of champagne, pull your sizes, run back and forth from your dressing room and give supportive yet honest feedback until we find your perfect pair. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

What are Dylan Star customer saying about their denim? …

  • Adoring my button fly jeans! @laurendeason_

  • I have two pairs of jeans - they are extremely comfortable. I don't want to wear anything else. @brielane

  • Love my olive green jeans! My mother in law bought a pair too! @scruse7

  • Luv my jeans! I wear them all the time. They are so soft and comfy! I get lots of complements on them! @blondie_2005

  • I looooove my button up jeans! I want another pair! @jfratt

  • Mine are as comfy as yoga pants!!! @sandikillackey

  • I bought a pair of distressed Flying Monkey straight leg jeans and I LOVE them! @marianne.barajas

How should you care for your denim?

You found your perfect pair of jeans! Now, I’m here to help you make sure that they stay perfect. Here are four golden rules to keep your denim in prime condition.

1.   Don’t wash your jeans! Well, not often at least. Washing them too often diminishes the longevity of your jeans and the color will start to fade. Denim naturally becomes softer and fits to your body better over time, which means that the less you wash them, the better they will feel!

2.   When it is time to wash your jeans, turn them inside out and wash them with cold water, rather than warm or hot water. Cold water will help prevent the color from fading too much!

3.   If you have time to squeeze into your busy schedule, try to hand wash your jeans. Fill a sink with water and a little bit of detergent, place your jeans in for an hour, and then rinse. It’s really as easy as pie!

4.   Strive to air dry your denim instead of sticking them in the dryer. This extra step will ensure that your jeans continue to fit your body like a gem.

We all know how hard it can be to find jeans that you love, so make sure you take extra good care of those puppies!

Hope to see you soon!



*obviously you can come in anytime, I’ll just be pouring champagne exclusively for denim shoppers this Thursday!

Erica Brown